The Liberty HopeCast

The Parenting Episode

August 21, 2020 Hope Brown Season 3 Episode 5
The Liberty HopeCast
The Parenting Episode
Show Notes

We sit down for some real talk about parenting. Topics include current books we're reading and how they relate to parenting, as well as how our own childhood issues may impact the way we interact with our children.
Tips from this episode:
Learn to apologize. Learn your child. Try to truly listen to what your child is telling you and take a non-defensive approach to hearing. Do your own work as a person to address your personal issues and not project those onto your children.

Resources related to this episode:
Narcissism/Echoism blogpost
The Drama of the Gifted Child book
Why Won’t You Apologize? book
The Good Enough Mother blogpost
Raising Worry Free Girls book
Paul David Tripp Parenting book

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