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Part One with Dr. Russell Kennedy- Anxiety MD

January 08, 2021 Hope Brown/ Dr. Russell Kennedy Season 4 Episode 1
The Liberty HopeCast
Part One with Dr. Russell Kennedy- Anxiety MD
Show Notes

We were beyond excited to have a conversation with Dr. Russell Kennedy, The Anxiety MD! There is so much good content in this interview that we split it into 2 parts so you can take time to really absorb the message of hope that Dr. Russ offers to those who deal with anxiety. Come back next week for Part 2!

Consider yoga and/or qigong to help reconnect mind and body. Tears are an adaptive mechanism. Listen to learn more!
“The healing isn’t in the explanation of it, it’s in the feeling of it, it’s in that reconnection with yourself”. 
“If you don’t trust love, and that’s the only thing that heals anxiety, you’re always going to be anxious”. 
“If you keep pushing it away, you’ll never get to metabolize it or process it”. 
“While you see yourself as a victim, you can’t heal”. 
“If you block yourself from tears, you’re really blocking yourself from healing”. 
"Childhood wounding was less about individual childhood events, and more about chronic, continuous unmet needs- either unmet emotional needs or unmet safety needs. It was about wounded child parts stuck in a painful past". 


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